Mission & Objectives:

The chamber assumes a representative, advisory, administrative and economic expansion mission.

The Tunisian-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry contributes to growth and development through several missions:

  • The TJCCI defends the interests of companies in economic debates
  • The TJCCI opens these doors to a better business environment, by setting up meetings between Tunisian and Japanese entrepreneurs
  • Offers the opportunity to introduce your products and services to a vast network of business people
  • The TJCCI is the permanent contact for companies for all their day-to-day or strategic concerns
  • The TJCCI offers companies the latest commercial and economic information
    and advises them individually in many areas
  • The TJCCI develops collective actions, through these initiatives in the organization of trade fairs, prospecting missions abroad, animation of professional groups, trade restructuring operations, promotion of business tourism and congresses...
  • The TJCCI sets up academic and professional training to meet the qualified personnel needs of companies
  • The TJCCI encourages the creation of companies and their transmission through interviews,
    matchmaking services, support, training
  • It can also guide business creators towards suitable financing
  • In particular, it ensures the development of tourism, as well as any other sector, while fully respecting the principles of sustainable development.
  • It offers the opportunity to Economic Operators of the 2 countries to present their points of view on the means of developing economic activity and increasing the prosperity of trade, industry and services in their sector.
  • Perpetuate and propagate communication and information to all areas of Commerce and Industry