Post-revolution Tunisia raised immense hopes of seeing itself as part of the free world and of following in the footsteps of developed countries. To do this, it was, among other transformations, to open up to nations and economies as flourishing as that of the Asian continent and Japan in particular. Japan, whose resilience and seriousness have enabled it to be a model to follow for developing countries like Tunisia. The cooperation between Japan and Tunisia is more than the cordial understanding which dates prior to the independence of Tunisia and Japan's unfailing support for Tunisia during the period of democratic transition have confirmed, if need be, the depth and sincerity of this cooperation.

We felt it was then necessary to go further and take decisive action by creating the Tunisian-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TJCCI) with the prime objectives of making the private sector the second pillar of this cooperation. Created the 4th of December 2014 .

The Japanese Embassy and successive ambassadors have since continued to support us and associate us with all events likely to facilitate the establishment and development of business and trade between our two countries. We are extremely grateful for this unwavering support and TJCCI will do everything possible to ensure that common interests are constantly strengthened.